Malaria detection (Giotto VP)

Despite medicine’s impressive innovations, malaria still thrives in many parts of the world. Finding new ways to fight this parasite is crucial.

AI could help millions and promote economic development in high-risk areas.

Leukocyte counting (Giotto VP)

What would your trip to the doctor look like if you could discover your blood cell count as quickly as youcan check your temperature?

With a no-code AI platform and 100% accuracy, we give you a glimpse of what the future of healthcare could look like.

Pneumonia detection (Giotto VP)

One of the leading factors driving pneumonia mortality is the absence of a correct diagnosis.

AI can be applied in practice to deliver better health outcomes, accelerating the diagnosis process and providing targeted effective treatments.

Biology & Chemistry

Flower classification (Giotto VP)

Flowers are angiosperms’ most beautiful and noticeable attribute. They come in many different forms, and if you've ever tried classifying them, you know how incredibly hard it is to do.

Grape illness detection (Giotto VP)

Your vineyard is hit by a viral fungal disease.You can either get a team of experts to come inspect each one of your plants.Or you can pour yourself a glass of wine and let an image classification pipeline do it for you.

Predictive model for molecule functions (Giotto TDA)

Build features from graphs of molecules to predict chemical functions thanks to heat diffusion on graphs.

Predicting molecular properties with Giotto TDA

Predicting molecular properties (Giotto TDA)

Predict the probability of a connection between two atoms of a molecule based on persistence diagram features.

Molecule graph
Predicting molecular properties


Sociology & Economics

Stock market crashes (Giotto TDA)

Detect sudden decline in stock prices with the topological time series module.

Baseline detector
Topological detector
Description detectors

Finding trends in the American elections (Giotto TDA)

Find impactful socio-economical categories that correlate to voting behaviour using the Mapper algorithm.

Population dynamics (Giotto TDA)

Separate periodic from aperiodic time series using features built with giotto-tda's topological time-series module.


Predicting regime change under noise (Giotto TDA)

Recover a binary signal from extreme noise environments using giotto-tda topological time series module.

Predicting energy demand (Giotto Time)

Predict the mean daily energy demand in Switzerland 21 days ahead using generalized autoregression models and linear regression with custom loss functions.