Our Proprietary Technology

We focus our research efforts on topology, the science of shapes.

Our proprietary technology is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between humans and AI

Main Benefits


Increased model stability on unseen data.


Solid understanding of models behavior.


Stability against noise

Improved model stability on unseen data.

Stability Against noise

Enhance the generalisation and prediction power of general ML algorithms

Invariance under deformation

Robust performance on small data sets and outliers.

Invariance under deformation

Simplify and transform models to increase robustness

Graph representation

Outstanding visualization features.

High dimensional
data visualisation

Preservation of information related to data proximity and shape

Open Source

Giotto TDA

Our high-performance toolkit for topological data analysis: A fully scikit-learn compatible API for persistent homology and the mapper algorithm.

Giotto DEEP

Scalability-oriented topological deep-learning library for seamless integration of Pytorch with state-of-the-art topological algorithms.