In order for everyone to use Machine Learning, there is a need for greater transparency and reliability. Thanks to our advances in the field of topological data analysis, we bring unprecedented interpretability and robustness to our models. Giotto’s proprietary ML libraries are a collection of algorithms that harbor theoretical and technological advances spanning several key disciplines.

Giotto TDA

High-performance topological machine learning toolbox designed to push the boundaries of the state of the art while providing outstanding interpretability

Giotto Time

Multivariate time series analysis suite


The easiest way to install Giotto is using pip:

pip install giotto-tda

pip install giotto-time

Giotto TDA requires:

  • Scikit-learn (>= 0.21.3)
  • NumPy (>= 1.11.0)
  • SciPy (>= 0.17.0)
  • joblib (>= 0.11)

Giotto time requires:

  • giotto-tda (>=0.1.4)
  • pandas (>=0.25.3)
  • workalendar (>= 7.1.1)

Giotto plotting capabilities require Matplotlib (>=1.5.1) and plotly (>=4.1.0).

If you’re having trouble installing our libraries, do not hesitate to contact