Giotto VP

Giotto VP (for Visual Programming) is a support tool for data owners, designed for prototyping and research activities. Thanks to an intuitive interface built on advanced technologies, users can build simple but powerful ML applications online in a few minutes and without coding, while benefitting from Giotto’s state of the art models and powerful computing infrastructure. Following a simple pay-per-use model, users simply pay for data storage, use of computing and deployed web apps.

Features include:

  • Labeling
  • Preprocessing
  • Data augmentation
  • Feature engineering
  • Learner selection
  • Model comparison


The easiest way to create powerful AI applications from A to Z.

Task Selection

  • Image Classification
  • Image Segmentation
  • Q&A
  • Time Series


Feature Engineering

Model Training

Deployments & Downloads

  • Web application
  • Docker
  • Auto generated report


DATA PROCESSING Cloud provider cost per hour (CHF)
CPU 0.966
GPU 4.588
DATA STORAGE Cloud provider cost per gigabyte (CHF)
Standard Cloud provider rate 0.0426
DEPLOYMENT Docker (CHF) Online web app (CHF/month)
Price per download 5.0 5.0

Stop coding. Start AI